Secret to Make Your Sales on Facebook


Facebook is not just a social media platform but now, it can also be used as market place for you to meet and pitch your prospect.

I have been going through Robert Mercado webinar and I have learn something new that I would like to share with you.

This method teaches you on how you can start a conversation & start engagement with your prospect to start pitching them and making sales for your product.

Here is the “Mini Conversation To Separate The Curious From The Serious”

  • Hey there (wait for response)
  • Do you already work from home or not yet (wait for response)
  • Are you in XXX (name your opportunity) or not yet? (wait for response)
  • The reason why I ask is because the goal I have for my team is to help 10 people earn $XX/month (whatever amount) and 3 people earn $XX/month (whatever your amount) (Write out your goal to them – It shows them you have a vision other then yourself)
  • What is your monthly income goal? (wait for response)
  • Great, I would love to guide you hitting that goal (Pre close)
  • Go to (give them your signup page or registration page for your program/product)
  • Fill that out, let me know when you’re finish with first part and then we’ll go to the next step
  • (walk them through the process and you got yourself a sale) 

This conversation flow has helped to make Robert some good income on Facebook. You can use this to pitch your MLM or even product opportunity.

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