List Building Tips – How to Build Email Lists

List Building Tips - How to Build Email Lists

Have you heard of the phrase “Money is in the Lists”? If you haven’t then it’s not too late to know it now. This phrase is a very famous phrase in the world of Internet. Most of the Internet Marketers have their lists as the list is the Holy Grail. You need to understand that the lists are your potential prospect and they are the people that will buy from you. But more importantly, you need to understand that you need to focus your effort on building a list with quality subscribers or else your lists would be meaningless. If you are looking for the list building tips on how to build email lists, then this is the right article that you should read.

List Building Tips – How to Build Email Lists #1 – Include Opt-In Box

Include Opt-In Box

Do you have a blog of your own? If you do, the trick here is for you to include an opt-in box on your blog and start capturing your reader’s email address. If you don’t have, then it is time for you to start including the one immediately where it will help to grow your lists. Opt-In box is very useful and it is a proven method that you can leverage to build your lists. This is a method that is used by many Internet marketers and this approach will surely increase the chances of capturing your readers contact and converting them as your subscriber.

List Building Tips – How to Build Email Lists #2 – Offering Incentive

Offering Incentive

The other method for you to capture your customer email is by giving them incentive or freebies. The most efficient freebies to offer, to obtain their contacts, is giving away free e-book or e-course. You can either create the free gift yourself or you can look for related PLR (Private Label Rights), which is available online for absolutely free, and give it away as a free gift to those who signup. In order to make this happen, you need to build a squeeze page where your potential subscriber can signup with their email address in order to receive the incentive.

List Building Tips – How to Build Email Lists #3 – Forum


Forum is another place that you can source for your prospects and build your email subscribers. Firstly, you need find and identify the forum that are related your business niche. Upon that, you need to stay active in the forum and start contributing good information and feed to the people on the forum. Your focus is to build your reputation in the forum to build trust between you and the people on the forum. Once the trust is formed, you can post your giveaway in the forum in exchange for their email address. People will normally sign up and those are your laser target prospect as they are the people who are interested in your niche.

List Building Tips – How to Build Email Lists #4 – Adswaps


This method is applicable to those people who have lists on their hand. Adswap is where you swap your lists with some other people’s list. You will send email to your lists with the other person’s email and they will send your email to their lists. This is where you will tap into their list and at the same time, expending your email listing. Point to note where you need to ensure that the party who will be swapping your email address with you are in the same niche. You wouldn’t want to swap with an relevant niche that will not bring you any value.

List Building Tips – How to Build Email Lists #5 – Solo Ads

solo ads-1

This method is a paid method but it is the most effective and fastest way to build your list. Solo Ads is method where you pay someone else (who have their lists) to send out your email to their lists. This method allow you tap to the other person’s list and send your email offer to these focus group and increase the exposure of your offer. I myself has love this method as by spending a little money will helps me to grow my list exponentially.

The above are the methods that I have used and it worked brilliantly to help me to build my list. How do you build your list? Share me your brilliant idea that you adopt to build your list. I would love to hear from you.


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