3 Reasons Why of Fake Facebook Likes Will Hurt Your Brand

3 Reasons Why of Fake Facebook Likes Will Hurt Your Brand

If you are one of the business owner and wants to expand your business? What is your marketing strategy? If Facebook is part of your marketing strategy, then you might be dying for more Facebook likes to expand your business reach even though if it’s a fake Facebook likes. Question here is does fake Facebook likes helps your business? If you asked me, I would say “NO”. These fake likes are not going to help you long term. It doesn’t take a number of Facebook likes to show that your brand is popular but the engagement of your fans matter. If your goal is to build a brand online or engage fans on Facebook then no, buying likes does not work. Here are the 3 reasons why fake Facebook likes will hurt your brand or even your business.

Why of Fake Facebook Likes Will Hurt Your Brand #1 – Fake Fans Don’t Buy

Fake Fans Don't Buy

Indeed by buying fake likes will increase your number of fans but it will do nothing to your business. Essentially what you need is a engaging fans that will buy. You could image if you have 10,000 fans but there are no one reached from your post, then what’s the point of these fans? They are just redundant. Fake fans could be from all across the globe. If you are a local business, what’s the point of fans from Asia or Russia when they will never buy from you?

Why of Fake Facebook Likes Will Hurt Your Brand #2 – You Will Lose Your Credibility

You Will Lose Your Credibility

Another setback of fake likes is that it will ruin your reputation. You could image that your real fan might be impressed with the number of fans your business has but if they notice that these are fake fans, they will lost their trust in your business. As matter in fact, it’s quite obvious to notice the fake likes. When there is a sudden surge in your fanpage likes, people will notice it for sure. You need to understand that businesses are based on your credibility and when you lost it, your business will be heading to the wrong direction.

Why of Fake Facebook Likes Will Hurt Your Brand #3 – Losing Fans Will Hurt Your Page

Losing Fans Will Hurt Your Page

You need to remember that Facebook does a regular maintenance of suspicious profiles and they will cleanup thousands fake profiles at a time especially those profiles that violates the Facebook terms & condition. When this happens, you could image the damage that will bring to your page. You could potentially losing out thousands of fans with this activity from Facebook. There are saying that “easy come and easy go” but what you lose here could be money. You could have spent money on buying the fake likes and it will be gone. This doesn’t help you or your business but it might hurt your business.

Bottom line is that the fake Facebook likes would bring you more damage than benefit. If you want really want to build your Facebook fanpage likes that will bring business your way, be sure your content is interesting to those who would genuinely like what you have to say, whether you are looking for likes for you page or leads to your website. Make sure the content that you share brings value to the readers. Tell me what you think. Are you the part of people that buys fake likes?

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